What is SEO? A Step by Step Guide

step by step on page & off page seo

Ever you think that how many post publish on  the internet in one day?

Have you any idea?  Your answer is NO. Think about it, Let me be clear that over 2 million blog post on each day, so it’s challenging task to promote your blog or website over the search engine.

Now you wonder, how can we promote blog post? So, before going to post anything spend some times on searching and make some sensible content, which can be easily read and optimize these post.

Each and every day millions of times SEO term search and 90% people start their online experience with this.

But what is the exactly mean by SEO? And I am sure that everyone knows SEO means Search Engine Optimization, but another question arises here what we optimized website, content or link? You have to optimize all of them design, content, link and some other things as well. You have to aware about website design and website design should be SEO-Friendly, content should be unique and refresh and link coming from related niche.

Let’s start here SEO for beginners who want to learn SEO and important factor for optimizing websites.

SEO Definition

Search Engine optimization is the process of optimizing our websites, pages and content according to Google guidelines, so that search engine show their websites or content at the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs) for a keyword search or query.

Let me explain this definition, there are two parties in SEO, one is Search Engine and another one is searcher, you are doing SEO for websites. If you have content for “Coffee Maker Machine” and you want the search engine shows your content top of the search engine result pages, when someone searches the term or phrase “Coffee Maker Machine”. So, SEO have magic to show their content at the top the SERPs result, when anyone searches on search engine for your keywords or term.

SEO Overview

Before stating the magic of SEO, You have to understand of how search Engine Works?

Google Search Engine, first five results share 70% of traffic. So, Now you know why search engine is important today. Backlinko, gave you more than 200 factors for ranking websites.

There are two faces of SEO, and you have to choose one side for doing Search Engine Optimization for websites. Two sides of SEO are white hat and black hat. Using Black hat techniques, we get result faster, but this is not standard SEO because after sometimes Search Engine penalized your site or banned. So, I suggest you always try to work on White Hat techniques.

Categories of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are two categories of SEO.


ON PAGE: – In SEO, there are many ON Page factors which, help increase visibility of your websites in SERPs. And the most important is content.

Content:-  Everyone listens that “Content is King”. In 1996, Bill gates was first predicted and today the important of the content has not decreased and also play important role but  basic question is here, why content is so important in SEO? Let me explain! When someone put up query in google search engine, they always try to give best results according to query. So, you have to create great content to visible in search engine result pages (SERPs)

Here are some important factors to Create Great Content

Quality of Content:- The first things that make you the boss is creating quality content. So, you should create quality content. Delivering quality content is not an easy task, you have to become teacher. If you are beginners, you have to research on those topics and put all important ingredients because this gives the complete idea or solution to the audience.

Do Keyword Research:-  Keyword research should be first priority of every SEO and you have to choose keywords before going to write on topics. Hubpost guide for beginners provide complete details about keyword research. You should spend most of the time on keyword research.

Use the keywords in Content.

After doing keyword research, put those keywords in your content. Google going smarter day by day and so beware about keyword stuffing because excess use of keyword in content hurt ranking.

Google uses LSI algorithm and they know the meaning of keyword those searches. It’s not only looking your exactly keywords but also know about synonyms of keywords. And make sure that your primary keyword should be placed at important places of website such as Title, Meta Description, URL and Heading Tags.

Frequently of content posted on your site can improve ranking, so update your post regularly and sometimes rewrite your content or add some advance information and republish.

Google recent update is, they provide answered of the query, which shows the direct benefit to the great and quality content.

  1. HTML:-

As an internet marketer or SEO specialist, you have to know basic HTML coding to change Title, Meta Description, and Heading Tags.

Title:- Title is the most important factor of ON Page. Title is like News headline, its look bold clickable headline in search engine result page. You can say that title is accurate description of a website or content.

Meta Description:- Meta description is not important in ranking, but don’t think about SEO and thinking about click through rate. So Meta description is called click throw rate (CTR) of websites. A well-optimized meta description can generate better CTR for websites.

Heading Tags:- There are the six heading tags in HTML, but in SEO only H1, H2 heading tags are the most important. It’s give a structure view to content or websites

  1. Website Architecture:– the last important On Page factor is Site architecture. A well-structured website befits for user as well as search engine. It can improve websites crawling rate. You should put keyword in website URL and also check the website speed load because high-speed load of website hurt ranking.

Google already said that they will take HTTPS as a canonical, so make your website Secure.


There are mainly four big areas in OFF page

Trust:– Trust is the most important factor of Off page SEO because the most recent updates of Google hurt spammy and obscure websites. You can gain trust for your websites using Authority, Bounce Rate, Domain Age and identity.

The overall authority determines by two kinds one is page authority and second one is domain authority. Old age domain also gets most priority for building trust.

Links:- Links is second most important factor of off Page activity. Google already allowance that back links is in top three ranking factors.

You should consider three most important factors for creating backlink.

Quality of LinksAnchor TextNumber of Links

Personal:- When I said personal is third important factor of OFF page SEO, you think what is the meaning of personal here? Personal means you should make off page strategy based on country and city. Also you should know about the searches history because when someone searches some query and find your page with personal Gmail login, so next time when they search for the same keyword or related to your keywords they will find your websites in top SERPs with Gmail login.

Social Media: – Today, social media more useful to get better ranking in SERPs. Social media influence your ranking if you have no of shares as well as quality of shares. Sometimes people see you brand name or product name on social media and then after search those products with brand name on search engine, so this also helpful to get  better ranking in SERPs.


I hope that post is helpful to you for generating traffic and conversion and also helpful to get better ranking in search engine result pages (SERPs). I think after reading or guide you will change your SEO strategy.

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