Digital marketers and web developers have solely become dependent on responsive design. A majority of them have already started to formulate ways by which responsive design can be applied to their current plans and schemes. They are very much influenced by the idea of responsive web design, however, just like before putting any new concept to work people are hesitant towards it, likewise, the companies are refraining from adapting to this new technique.  However, some of the progressive websites are well aware of the benefits that are bestowed upon by responsive design and have readily accepted this new technique. They have even started to include it in their new plans and schemes.

Of course, the first question that arises in mind is that what is the use of responsive design? With the aid of responsive design your website can be viewed on any screen size. Responsive design increases the legibility of the website and makes it easier for the viewer to view it, thereby increasing the experience of the user.

Increasing the traffic to the website

It is an innovative creation since more the number of people view the website and like it, there is a huge probability of the same number of individuals visiting the website again.  Since it enables the website to be viewed on mobile as well, the number of individuals visiting a website with a responsive design is way more than the number of individuals visiting a normal website. That was the first of the many SEO benefits that are featured by responsive web design techniques. Thus why Google made certain changes in its algorithm to include this feature and make it count as a ranking factor to provide a rank to that certain website and hence facilitates its SEO.

Fast Time of Loading

One of the most irritating parameters encountered as a visitor of a certain website is the time taken by it to load and sometimes the occasional buffering that they have to encounter. Hence, quite obviously a page that loads instantly has an increased number of visitors as compared to other websites. Responsive design decreases the time of loading of the websites, thereby increasing the number of visitors and hence contributing to the ranking of the website. As far as the mobile browsers are concerned, it is not a hidden fact that these browsers take an eternity to load a page, but with responsive design, a web page can be loaded in no time. As far as the companies which find it hard to believe that responsive design can really be such an amazing boon and are by large refraining from using it, they can use various online apps to count it for themselves, the time of loading.

Link Building

SEO managers mainly deal with link building. Their work mainly focuses on the building of links which would, on the other hand, increase the linking of the website.  Link building is really a time-consuming process and demands a lot of attention and intelligence.  Responsive design has come out to be a hidden boon for the SEO managers. It not only enhances the link building process but also all the backlinks of the original websites are well maintained by this technique.

Lower Bounce Rates

When the content appears to be incomprehensible to the visitor that is, the visitors do not find the information relevant to their research material, then the bounce rate of the website increases and hence the rating of the website goes down. Responsive design is such a technique that aids to lower the bounce rates of the website thereby helping to build the SEO of the website.  The logic behind it lies in the fact that the responsive design hides the irrelevant information from the visitors thereby putting only the relevant information on the display.  This helps to keep the rating of the website constant and not decreasing it by notches.

Lower Plagiarism

One of the biggest problems faced by the normal sites is that their content gets easily copied.   The website may be framed as the one from which the content has been copied from. When Google retrieves the results for similarity in the contents, it goes through a tough phase deciding upon which page to show in the results since the information is the same more or less every website portrays the same content. Hence you might never know when Google decides to return your page in the form of the website where content is being copied from. Since now there exists another site which has more or less the same content, and has been located so by Google, the ranking of the page decreases subsequently. However, the presence of responsive design in the website lowers the chances of being portrayed by Google as a site from which content has been copied from.  It even protects the mobile sites from the clenches of plagiarism.

Single URL

Generally, a normal website requires a mobile website to function smoothly. However, with the help of responsive design, it is not necessary to form a mobile website for effective working of the website.  Hence the website would have a better authority functioning.  Moreover, just with a single URL, the website can be used to send numerous links and perform the necessary task.  Thus all the works can be done without having to worry about the issues regarding device targeting.

There exist numerous ways which can be adopted to put this scheme of responsive design into work. Since its benefits towards increasing the ranking of the website and enhancing the SEO can be perceived generally by everyone, it should really be put to work by those web designers who are ready with their module but are yet to start working on their plans. Responsive design is an innovative and extremely helpful technique which can be used to provide a good user experience without much hassle.

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