Top 5 Facebook Marketing Tips For Promote Facebook Page When You Have NO Budget

As a small business owner, we have no Budget to Invest, so I am going to explain 5 free facebook marketing guidelines and how to use them in your business. Please add your best tips in the comments below!

Use The Best Quality CreativeFor Cover Photo

The First step is be focused with the creative that you used for cover photo. It will be eye-catching cover Photos. For this, you don’t have to hire designer, there are many free tools which help  to create quality cover Pictures. You also get help from Google for Cover Photos. You also need to focus on Image size or Format.

Boost Engagement

In Today’s Scenario Facebook is the best medium for boosting engagement. There are many ways to boosting engagement like sharing your Post to others related groups, but i think the best way to boost or engaging people to your post is Ask Question to Boost Engagement. Facebook is best for engaging with the people.

Post Images with Quotes

Whenever you post images in Facebook, post with quotes. The benefit of posting Images with quotes is you have at least something to show the people regarding your business. In a survey people saw more effectively images with quotes with respect to without quotes. You can find many free tools in Google For Creative images with quotes.

Integrate Your Website With Facebook Page

When you have no budget it is important to grow existence of your Facebook page. For this thing you have to use Facebook buttons and badges to encourage social sharing and increase your Facebook pages like. If your website is in wordpress than you also use plug-in Facebook comment to add Facebook comment box to your blog.

Look Facebook Insights to Find out Which Types of Posts Boom With Your Audience

I think Facebook insights is the best advisory for you. Regularly check your insights to see, which post and topics is more engaging. You have to focus on your own targeted audience.

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