How to Solve Common SEO Problems and Increase Traffic


The Search Engine Optimization or SEO is making dissimilarity to a website visibility in a search engine on the web. Usually, the top rank on the search page or more common appearance of website in the search results pulls more visitors to that site and enhances the unusual of conversion of visitors to customers. The SEO can considerably influence search ranking and by addressing some common on-page technical SEO issues a website owner can boost his sales significantly and stay ahead of his competitors.

All of you will be recognizable with the inverted pyramid writing style, where the most interesting content is at the top and the least is at the bottom.  They’re all main issues that usually appear amongst even the finest sites.

Common Technical SEO Issues and solution:

Title Tag Issues

The title tags tell the visitors and search engines the information on a page in the majority correct and brief way. Many times the websites have the same title tags, enormous text content in the tags, too small text content and no title tags at all. This difficulty can be solved by knowing how to write the title tags for the SEO.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are paragraphs with small amount of text in HTML of webpage that brightly explains its content. This Meta explanation appears beneath the URL of a page in search results. 20% to 25% of sites do not have Meta descriptions at all and 30% have the same Meta descriptions. The Meta descriptions should be precisely written for SEO to solve this issue.

Broken Links in Websites

35% of the sites have internal broken links bring reverse reduced status codes for HTTP and 70% brought back the code 4xx the page not found. 25% of the sites have internal broken links which can adversely affect the authority of a web site. This issue can be solved to a great extent by learning how to develop the internal links.

When you have a great website having thousands of WebPages, often you will end up with dead URLs over a period of time. Particularly if you are running a magazine or an e-commerce site. Dead URLs harm your search rankings. You would require having an audit done every month on your site to ensure if Google is encountering any 404 errors. Google webmasters is a good place to find it.

Identical Content in Website

This is the most ordinary SEO problem as similar web content complete for the same SEO position in the search engine and one is superfluous at the expense of the other. This problem can be solved by making Google understand which the same page it can rank.

Identical content issue a lot of businesses face when they are having a big website. Identical content impacts SEO and can impact your traffic considerably. You may also get Manual Web spam action on your webmasters for identical content. Try to make at least 400-500 words of unique content for every page. A high-quality way to add more content to your pages is by adding reviews section. Reviews also helps in adding unique content to your pages.

Missing Alt Tags and Broken Images

Alt tags are used to amplify the online traffic to a website. These tags describe the images brightly to the search engine to ensure that these tags are recorded in the image search precisely so that it pulls more traffic to the website. Missing links and broken images contribute to annoying user-experience.

This problem can be solved by hosting the images on the entrepreneur’s library and not on the image host of third party.

Minor- Text-to-HTML Ratio

About 28% of the sites display a lower-text-to-the-HTML ratio, which means the sites contain more HTML code than text visitor’s can read.

This ratio can be lowered by removing the white spaces, comment in codes, unnecessary images and invisible hidden text. Further, avoid too many tabs, tables and use Java script only. Keep page size within 300kb and resize images. With the help of some of the top SEO tools and best SEO software the above mentioned on-page SEO problems can be dealt with more effectively.

Fast Loading Websites

According to Google research, slow loading websites, negatively impacts the amount of time a user spends on Google. This directly impacts user experience as well as their revenue from Google Ads. People do not want to wait for a website that takes numerous seconds to load. You need to invest in the right technology to help you develop light websites that can load faster.

Website Bounce Rate

This seems to be extremely under-rated when it comes to SEO. The average time spent on site and the bounce rate of the website directly impacts the traffic coming to your site. You require finding ways to increase the standard time spent on the website per user.  Try to get the bounce rate as low as probable. If it goes higher than 50%, that’s a red flag. You require designing the website in such a way, so that users are confident to navigate more within the site. That is where you require investing in Good UI. This is where e-commerce websites and magazines have a different advantage over other businesses as users visit multiple pages per visit.

Once you begin receiving traffic from search engines, you have an unbelievable amount of data concerning real search visits. If your page receives any traffic at all, Google has already guessed what your content is about right or wrong and is sending some traffic to you. In all actuality, there is a gap between the traffic you thought you were optimizing for when you created the page, and the traffic you are really getting.

Yes, manual temporary redirects May not affect your rankings as severely as other on-page issues, and, yes, of course, there is no such thing as a duplicate content penalty or a title tag issue penalty. But, you should definitely be aware of such issues, because they affect your traffic and your user credibility, and, as a result, lead to profit losses. And there is always the chance you could get to a critical point where a lot of small mistakes can accumulate and snowball into litany problems that can destroy your website’s rankings in SERPs.

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