SEO Trends, Strategy in 2017 and Coming Future

seo trends and strategy 2017

SEO is changing day by day, Most favorite search engine Google changes their algorithm and that affect SEO ranking and strategy. So SEO folks need to read all algorithm updates and trends from most trusted resources and make strategy with new algorithm changes. I am going to explain you about SEO future trends, which is changing SEO world regularly

Advanced SEO trends in 2017

Optimize Your Websites for Mobile

In 2017 or coming future, everyone should optimize their websites for Mobile because people spending their lot of times on mobile devices. You have to optimize speed time, site design, site structure and more to make your website mobile friendly. Use title and description for mobile and make website responsive.

For mobile optimization three fundamentals factors you have to check.

  • Responsive design
  • Page loading speed
  • Mobile design and usability
 Optimize Your Website for Voice Search 
 Now 60 percentages of searches is coming from mobile devices, So SEO professionals need to think differently about content.
 According to market survey, Voice searches are increasing rapidly every year.  In 2015, near about 1.7 million voices search devices were ship. IN 2016 the no. was increases rapidly and it was 6.5 million devices, in 2017, prediction is 24.7 million will be shipped. The no is showing that voice search device will shipped more and more in coming future.
 People mostly use long tail keywords or keywords with location, so we need to optimize our content around long tail and LSI keywords.

Produce High Quality content with Information

 Quality of content and search engine success factor is proportional to each other, if your content quality is high and informational based, you can gain more traffic and rank. In internet world, people can find more content but all of them are not most worthy and engaging. So, we need to produce high quality content.

Some following factors for content

  • Content should be informative and useful
  • Your content should be more valuable and useful from other websites.
  • Search Engine love unique, specific and high quality content, so content should be unique and specific.
  • Website content should be engaging with pictures and video.

Social Media Presence

Social media play a key role for generating traffic and increasing ranking in Search Engine. Most of the people spending their times on social media platform such as Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit and more. So need to build strong presence of social Media.

Why Social Media Important in SEO?

  • With Social Media, You can spread online reach faster.
  • With regular and high quality content post, you can generate high quality traffic easily.
  • Social media gives opportunity to link building with user engaging content.
  • Social Media helps to make brand and presence over internet.

Link Building Strategy

 Link building is most popular SEO trends; it can never dead but type of link building strategy changing every year. In old days SEO, SEO professional’s link building strategy depends on quantity but now link building SEO strategy depends on quality instead of quantity. Google penalize those websites which is gain low quality backlines or they are not coming from their own niche. Google already launched Penguin 4.0 for penalize websites, who violate webmaster guidelines.  Search Engine love high quality backlinks, which come from business related niche.
 Optimize Content around Long Tail Keywords
Long keywords are keyword phrase those are usually longer than normal keywords. Old SEO strategy was optimize websites around keywords but now SEO professionals optimize their website around long tail keywords and user intent keywords. Long tail keywords help to generate more sales and with voice search long tail keyword help to gain more traffic. Nowadays most of people searches long tail keyword for purchasing anything, so need to optimize your website to long tail keywords to gain more traffic and sales.
 Switching Your Website with HTTPS

 Everyone should protect their websites with HTTPS. HTTPS helps to protect from third party intruder who want to tamer or stole information between website and users. At 6 August 2014, Google confirmed that HTTPS is ranking factor, so it is needed to switch your website with HTTPS.
 User Experience SEO
Now and coming future SEO is becoming dynamically and indirectly, user experience is part of SEO ranking factor.  User experience affect website bounce rate and sales no we need to care about user experience.

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