A long ago, people used to approach their desired products or brands through an advertisement they would see on the walls of some shop, on the pages of some random magazine or newspaper, or as an announcement on the television. Gone are those days when people would buy products through such a marketing process. In this era of digital marketing or search engine marketing, traditional marketing has been long defeated.  As a brand owner, earlier the person had to call his/her clients and make it a point to stay in their good books as they couldn’t afford their displeasure. Their discontent would have had a huge impact on the sales. Back then they had to barter for a long time with their potential clients to get their products to flourish.  However, bleak they may sound these techniques of traditional marketing were quite successful. Big empires resorted to these techniques of traditional marketing to increase their sales and to reach out to the common folk.

These ‘were’ the techniques of successful marketing until the internet boom which happened around the early 2000s.  This brought a big revolution in the world of marketing leading to the downfall of the traditional techniques; they were replaced by the advance norms. The changes can still be perceived. For instance, the newspaper printing industry of UK is nearly on the verge of collapsing. More than half the population of the world has resorted to online reading of news, making the printed newspaper nothing more than a futile issue. The newspaper sale all over the world has decreased by a ratio of some 30%! The television industry is not doing any better as far as the subject of marketing is concerned. The reason behind this is the fact that even to air a thirty seconds commercial, the television channel demand for a lump sum amount which has eventually led to its considerable downfall. All the various techniques of traditional marketing are slowly going towards downfall, many being already extinct. What is the reason behind this downfall? The answer is simple. The internet. The various search engines.

The Impact of The Internet or Search Engine:

Online marketing was developed with the motive to share information within a small group of friends. Slowly and slowly it developed into something this massive.  Today, the internet is the biggest platform used by the various brands and companies to increase their sales. It has become the marketing medium of the sellers.

As a buyer, when we desire to buy a certain thing, what is the first thing we do? We search it up on the internet. Our search engine renders us with a number of different options from a number of different brands.  The options offered on the internet are way more than what a mere shop owner would put on display. Hence the customers prefer online searching for the materials required rather than hunting down one shop after the other. Thus the marketing specialist of a particular brand or company puts up their products on the website, which attracts the attention of a number of people from whole worldwide.

Now the question arises, what are the advantages of using SEM (Search Engine Marketing)?

When compared to traditional marketing, SEM is more precise and presents the exact facts whereas the traditional marketing is a vague issue. SEM is certainly more efficient both in the fields of material quality and time as compared to the time-consuming affairs related to traditional marketing. Moreover, traditional marketing is way more expensive than SEM and besides, it doesn’t guarantee any genuine results.

SEM’s(Search Engine Marketing) Efficient Manner of Working:

Certainly, SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a better way of marketing as compared to traditional marketing. However, certain norms and manner of marketing are followed by SEM to uphold its marketing scheme. The most important factor responsible for the flourish of SEM is one to one communication. The marketing expert needs to first think of a customers’ interest and see which materials would fall under their liking. Accordingly, they should upload their products by considering the views of all the people visiting their product online. Digital marketers’ first priority should be their customers and likewise, most of them have devised ways to communicate directly with their customers. In this way, the customers will become free to express their views and thus how the digital marketers can directly come to terms with the likes and the dislikes of the public in general. They need to develop a friendly rapport with their customers so that the customers should see them in a friendly light and not as a spokesman for some brand. It will simply make the customers free to approach them and their products as desired. The lack of one to one communication was the main factors which lead to the downfall of traditional marketing. Moreover, advertisements were considered to be somewhat boring and irritating. No person likes an advertisement in the middle of their favorite television show.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing can be defined as the technique employed by the digital marketers to promote their own website featuring their brand and company on the internet with the aid of search engines. Such how the ranking of the websites on a search engine is given way more important than the position held by the company in general sphere because, at the end of the day, SEM has become the most prominent way to attract public and advertise one’s products.

Certainly, SEM is a better way of marketing as it exposes your best products to the customers, giving them a wide range of products to choose from, without exposing your competitors. On the other hand, traditional marketing reveals the names of your competitors as, unlike SEM which features a personal website displaying your products, traditional marketing provides no personal platform to the brand or the company. Thereby traditional marketing nurtures a fear of losing your potential customers to your equally potent competitors which get overthrown by SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

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