RIP – DMOZ, The Web Directory, Is Closing Down After 18 Years

DMOZ , who is the most trusted open web directories, is closing.  At the official site of DMOZ, it is clearly mention that DMOZ will be shutdown at 14 March, 2017.

Closing of DMOZ shows that the end of the time, rather than machine, tried to organize the web.

 DMOZ web directory has completed 18 years of era. DMOZ was not the first name. The history of become DMOZ is interesting.

Dmoz was born in 1998, as ”GnuHoo” was created and after sometime it changed to “NewHoo”, a powerful rival of Yahoo web directory. Those times it was very difficult to list in Yahoo web directory. In same 1998 years “NewHoo” was acquired by “Netscape” and name had changed to Netscape web directories. After within some months Netscape again acquired by AOL.

 Check some of most SEO community for DMOZ discussion. We have WebmasterWorld, Creasite Forums, Google Web Search Help, BlackHatWorld and more.
 John Mueller, who is from Google Search Team, said that is not the end of the web and SEO is not dead:

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