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A good debate naturally arises in the SEO sphere whenever there is a discussion about the relationship that stands in between Javascript and SEO. Notwithstanding the fact that whether Javascript is being used by your site or whether you have decided upon auditing a client’s website as per the Javascript, it is quite important to [Read More…]

Google: Help JavaScript Coders to Learn Basic SEOs

Today, I saw post, John Mueller (Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google), posted on their twitter timeline that all SEOs should embrace JavaScript or help JavaScript developer to learn SEO and you should share SEO knowledge with JavaScript developers. John Mueller clearly mention their point that JavaScript is not going away or anywhere and all of know that basic static HTML [Read More…]

SEO Trends, Strategy in 2017 and Coming Future

seo trends and strategy 2017

SEO is changing day by day, Most favorite search engine Google changes their algorithm and that affect SEO ranking and strategy. So SEO folks need to read all algorithm updates and trends from most trusted resources and make strategy with new algorithm changes. I am going to explain you about SEO future trends, which is [Read More…]

Are Single Page Websites Good for SEO?


There is no doubt that single page websites look beautiful, and the number of organizations is increasing day-by-day who is picking them over expanding multi-page destinations to address the needs of their organizations. But it’s a matter of concern that does the outline of your website affect your SEO? Could a single page website affect [Read More…]

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