How to Optimize Your Website For Google Voice Search

SEO – Voice Search Optimization

SEO is an important part of generating online traffic on different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more. Currently, Google webmasters are able to generate queries in Google Console related to a particular product or service. But, recent advancements in SEO research shows that Goole webmasters would like to separate general queries from voice based queries. This is really a great step to identify the exact requirements of the people in regard to their specific queries.

Though, Google Webmaster Analyst John Mueller wanted feedback why Google Webmasters want to have separate voice search queries in Google console. He wanted feedback on twitter. But, there is no denial that time has changed. User experience has been quite different on Google console. While the mobile search behaviour was thought to be different in Webmaster console than Desktop or Laptop search behaviour. No broad change has happened in last so many years but changes in SEO tactics over a period of time has compelled us to differentiate voice search queries in Google Console. There are some reasons which favour separate voice search queries by Google Webmasters in Search Console.

  1. Featured Snippets have more Visibility:Google Assistants generally read snippets which are ranked zero on the website those are termed as featured snippets. Therefore, the concern is how to optimize feature snippets which is a big challenge. As the time has changed, the articles about how to optimize feature snippets have been grown around 200 percent. In case of bad featured snippets, no one is going to optimize them. But, we need to identify what kind of queries impact featured snippets which are coming out from voice search in Google Console.
  2. Better serve the customers’ w.r.t their demand and query: There is quite difference in terms of voice search behaviour and text search behaviour which would impact the website owner how to optimize a page. The two things happened earlier in Mobile SEO when Desktop and Mobile queries were compared.
  • The experts used same keywords in Mobile search as they used in Desktop search and vice versa.
  • New categories emerged as GPS and other features which had better Mobile searches than Desktop had.

Hence, there are many new query categories in the Voice Search which would affect the people like Google                      Home and Assistant in form of queries like “Hey Google”.

  1. Potential for Voice Based Search Optimization: It’s true that there is a great potential in Voice Based Search in Google Webmaster Console. Firstly, they will have to collect the data how many voice based searches are happing regularly. According, Webmasters can track exact data for voice based search. Even, Google has to find ways how to monetize voice searches which would be beneficial for Advertisers for analysing the data.

Yes, you can optimize the queries without knowing Voice Search Queries as you do Mobile optimization which knowing mobile queries. Well, Voice Based Queries will surely help Google and Marketers for finding right information about online visitors’ searches.

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