HTTP Vs HTTPS in SEO and Checklist: 3 Reasons to Switch from HTTP TO HTTPS

In Aug 2014, Google has been announced that HTTPS is ranking factor in SEO.

So, it is needed to move our website from HTTP to HTTPS for retain previous search engine ranking But before moving from HTTP to HTTPS we should understand the difference between HTTP and HTTPS and you have to ask question to self why Google prefer HTTPS in SEO ranking.

Difference between HTTP and HTTPS

There are some main differences between HTTP and HTTPS

HTTP URL begin with “http://” HTTPS URL begins with “https://”
For communication HTTP uses port No. 80 For communication HTTPS uses port No. 443
It’s not provide secure data transmission over Web It’s  provide secure data transmission over Web
Its operates at Application Layer Its operates at Transport Layer
No certification require for HTTP Certification require for HTTPS

Why GOOGLE prefer HTTPS as Ranking Signal?

As Google announced officially that HTTPS boost you’re ranking in search engine but here the question is why? You shouldn’t surprise with Google decision because you already know that HTTPS provide data encryption and security of data transmission or confidential information over WEB. Google love when someone provide extra bit of security to their customer. So due to security reason Google prefer HTTPS as a ranking signal in SEO.

HTTPS provide some of the other benefits which Google love.

Encryption: – HTTPS encrypt data to secure data on WEB.

Data Integrity: – HTTPS ensure that data can’t be modified or corrupted during transferring of Data.

Authentication:– HTTPS authenticate that website is secure and information can’t be stolen or modified.

According to Search Engine Land, Google said that “HTTPS signal showed “positive results” in terms of relevancy and ranking in Google’s search results.”

3 Reasons to switch from HTTP to HTTPS

  • As we know now HTTPS is ranking signal and it will help in boost ranking in search engine. So, everyone needs to switch their websites from HTTP to HTTPS to gain ranking signal and retain their ranking in search engine.
  •  HTTPS is secure Hyper Text Transfer protocol who offer secure data transfer and it ensure that no one can interrupt or modified data.
  • If any business owners are serious about internet marketing, so you have to care for Mobile revolution because future of SEO is depend on Mobile also, so your websites should designed for  Mobile friendly or AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages).

Some Points to Care from HTTP to HTTPS Switch

  •  Firstly you should verify their HTTPS version of websites in Google and Bing webmaster.
  •  Implement 301 redirection or permanent redirection to ensure pass link juice pass from HTTP to HTTPS.
  • You should update HTTPS version of URL at all places of websites such as internal Links.
  • Update HTTPS version of URL link at all social media platform.
  • Configure new sitemap using sitemap creation tool or manually and update new sitemap on server.
  •  Update your robots.txt file using new version of sitemap.
  •  Use canonical tag to avoid duplicity   in website.
  •  Take backup or screen shot of older version of webmaster tool.
  • Disavow all spam links in both version of webmaster tool.
  • Update Google Analytics admin setting with HTTPS version of URL.
  • Update new URL in your mail signature.
  • Check all types of code such as image, CSS, Java script etc. and ensure about that all are executed well.
  • Update HTTPS version of URL on server when website have minimum no. of traffic or visitors.
  • Check all plug-in in websites to ensure all are working well such as in WordPress blog section.
  • Check your mobile version of websites with HTTPS version. The new HTTPS version of Mobile URL should be responsive.
  • Submit new version of SITEMAP and ROBOTS.TXT file in webmaster tool.
  • You should compare website speed of both version and done necessary changes.
  • Configure Data Highlighter in webmaster tools for HTTPS URL.
  • Update all internal URL in blog section of website.
  • Now always use update version of URL for link building strategy.
  • Get SSL certificate for your websites.

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