[Free] Top 7 Ways to Market Your Online Business


At the top of the Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs), the best way of marketing and the online business will be found. This can be done if you are entrepreneur. The good thing that it is free of cost and it increases the traffic.

It is obvious that you do not want to send your money on marketing, when you just start your business. Therefore, it is the good news for you that without spending money, there are effective ways to market your business.
When there were not the use of internet, the small businesses have not many ways to market their business but now in this age there are many methods to market your business.

Here are some ways that you may market your business:

1. Use of three big local listing services:

The first way is that you have to enter the information that is given in the form and register. You have to fill that forms. After filling it, your business may get registered and your business will be verified through some different ways like, with a phone call, or through email.

It is free and has worth of doing it. It only takes some time to set up. Yahoo Local and Microsoft’s Bing have the easy way for signup.

2. Use Social Media:

Social media is becoming so important for marketing your business. We also say that it is compulsory for the people who startup their business, they should use social media for marketing their business. You have to create the direct channel on the social media.

Networking on linked-in and on twitter is another way to start up the business.

3. Start the blog:

When you want to connect with your consumers, then you should write the blogs directly. You should keep this point in your mind that you have to update the content as soon as possible because the old contents do not attract the consumers.

4. Use YouTube and Flickr:

YouTube gives you the free ways to market your business. In order to put up multimedia on the YouTube and Flicker, your data should have to be according to the user’s interest. It should be simple and relevant to your business. The profile of Flickr can also help to market your business by displaying the images of your business, it also allow you to make link with your website.

5. DO SEO for your company:

You should SEO your website. Make sure that your website has good performance on the search engines. It will also increase website traffic. First you have to check On-Page SEO, after its done go for Off-page SEO.

6. Release to the press:

Every business has something that should be shooting out. You should not to hesitate in displaying the good things about your business. There are many websites that you may use to display out your business. It is free of cost and good approach to publish your business. PRLog is the example of website, which may publish your business.

7. A relative online community should be joined and also contribute:

There are online communities in niche; you may get evolved in it. You just have to sign up for the forum and have to start posting their after signing up.

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