April Month Social Media Updates, You Might Have Misssed

April was a rather placid month in the world of social media. While the former four months saw numerous updates rolling out, April witnessed relatively fewer updates. In fact, YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn were the only networks that featured an update.

What makes April an excitable affair is the fact that this month delivered a number of SEJ articles. These articles helped the marketers to employ social media strategies to the fullest.

For instance, if you wish to search the brands which are successfully drumming into the needs and the demands of their target audience on the social media, then owing to these SEJ articles, an average of at least 10 articles would be compiled featuring the social media campaigns which you desire to see.

Another such post features an article on “10 tips to increase sales on Instagram”. Instagram is an amazing platform to conduct business. Why you ask? This is simply because of the fact that the engagement rates on Instagram are higher than any other social networking as well as traffic oriented site.

Just a year back, Facebook brought forth the Reactions tab. Due to which the Like button got new companions namely, Love, Haha, Angry, Wow and Sad. It simply aimed at giving the users a greater prospect of freedom of expression of their thoughts. This article will help you to make complete use of these reactions which would indeed increase your brand affinity.

Wondering how are various businesses using social listing nowadays? All you need to do is research firm Clutch which recently surveyed 300 marketers. The respondents used social media monitoring tools for their jobs at medium and large B2B and B2C U.S. companies. Below detailed are the six ways by which social media is listening benefits of businesses.


The related article feature is now being put into test by Facebook. It will not only help the users to discover more and more stories about trending topics but will also show them related stories before they even click on an article.

Production of better video metrics is very critical for marketers and businessmen on facebook, considering the fact that the users are currently spending more than 100 million hours watching videos every day. Here is a list that depicts the five video metric changes which marketers should be aware of:

  • New: Video Metric Benchmarks
  • New: Sorting Options
  • Update: Date Range Analysis
  • New: Aggregate Minutes Viewed
  • Change: Aggregate Video Views

Since facebook has given all publishers access to two new call-to-action units: an Email Signup CTA and a Page Like CTA, the people who read the facebook instant articles will be able to visit that particular page and sign up for a newsletter.


This platform features Matched Audiences which brings to the advertisers three new marketing tools, namely website retargeting, account targeting, and contact targeting. With this LinkedIn is now at par with what Facebook (custom audiences) and Twitter (tailored audiences) who have offered the same to their advertisers for years.

With the launch of Lead Gen Forms, LinkedIn will now be able to remove huge barrier on mobile devices like filling out forms.  LinkedIn has high hopes that conversation rates on mobile devices will increase with this new form.


YouTube reduced the threshold required by the users to initiate live streams on their YouTube channels. Earlier the channels needed to have at least 10,000 subscribers to initiate live stream but which reduction in the threshold, now live stream can be conducted with just 1,000 subscribers.

Google is employing its best to see to it that ads do not appear alongside questionable YouTube videos. As of now, Google can block ads from appearing on channels with less than a  total of 10,000 views.

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