15 Best Blogs To Follow About Off Page SEO


Off-Page, SEO refers to the various techniques which can be adapted to improve the rankings of a website on the search engine results page (SERPs). Off Page, SEO is beyond just link building. It deals with the various promotional methods which lie beyond the design of the website, in order to increase the position of the website on SERPs. It is inclusive of a set of processes which optimize a particular website for the search engines. The techniques related to SEO are constantly undergoing swift changes. What SEO meant some ten years ago is completely obsolete and has little to no relation to the techniques of SEO that are currently in practice. Likewise, the meaning of SEO some ten, years later will be completely different. Hence, it is quite important to keep up to date with the changing and trending techniques used in SEO.

The best way to keep yourself updated with the new SEO techniques is by following the various blogs. The bloggers are the high-graded SEO professionals and have complete knowledge about SEO. Not only do they teach you about the changing procedures of SEO but they also explain the steps to be followed and their significance in order to improve the website’s ranking in the SERPs.

Here enlisted are the 15 Best Blogs to follow about off page SEO.

1. The Moz Blog:

Moz is a company which is based in Seattle and deals with search engine optimization. It is hugely favored among the search marketers. The company has a blog of its own named, The Moz Blog which deals with both on-page and Off Page Seo Tips. In the blogs, the industry’s best-graded SEO professionals share their research and the new ideas floating in the world of Search Engine Optimization in order to sharpen the online marketing skills of the visitors of the blog.

Frequency: Around four times a week

2. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal, which is famously known as SEJ is one of the best blogs that deal with Off Page Optimization Techniques 2017. The blog deals with the in-depth subject guides, news reports and a regular guest blog which is written by SEO professionals.  It mainly deals with SEO optimization, digital marketing, social media marketing, paid search, and content marketing.

Frequency: Around twenty-one times a week

3.  Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is such a blog that features various daily search engine industry news and the trending techniques in the field of search marketing (SEM) which mainly deals with paid search advertising (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) which is inclusive of expert analysis. It provides adequate tips and techniques on off-page SEO for the social marketers.

Frequency:  Around thirty-four times a week

4. Neil Patel’s Blog

Neil Patel is one of the leading social marketers who is also an SEO professional. He is one of the best in his field and his blog helps big companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP, and Viacom grow their revenue using his various off-page SEO techniques. He owns the title of the top influencer on the web, given by The Wall Street Journal. Even top magazines like Forbes have recognized him as one of the top 10 online marketers who influence online marketers by large, and even the Entrepreneur Magazine recognizes him as the creator of one of the hundred most brilliant companies in the world.

Frequency: Around 42 posts a week

5. Yoast SEO Blog:

Yoast SEO Blog is one of the most sought after blog by the online marketers to learn about Off Page Seo 2017. It covers the various aspects of online marketing and its blogs feature several topics like General SEO, Usability and Conversion Rate Optimization, Analytics, Social Media, WordPress all of which can be utilized to improve the rankings of the page on SERPs. The blogs are generally helpful and teach the ways of optimizing the website using WordPress plug-ins, blog posts, eBooks and even tweets.

Frequency: Around five to six posts per week

6. Search Engine Watch

This blog mainly deals with an authoritative and complete guide to the procedures related to search engine marketing (SEM), off-page search engine optimization (SEO), paid search advertising (PPC) and the daily updates on social media marketing. The social marketers greatly prefer the articles of this blog to keep themselves updated with the how-to and marketing strategy guides related with off-page SEO in order to succeed on search engines.

Frequency: Around five times a week

7. Reddit| SEO

The Search Engine Optimization genre of Reddit involves SEO and other such wider facets of the SEO industry. Its blogs feature latest off page SEO news, tips, and case studies in order to help the social marketers improve the ranking of their website on their SERPs. The SEO related blogs of Reddit help greatly in keeping the visitors and social marketers up to date with the ever-changing tactics of off-page SEO.

Frequency: Around eighty-four times a week

8. SEO Book By Aaron Wall:

Aaron Wall is the founder of SEO book which is a leading SEO website. It is recognized as the top website which imparts the best professional training for online marketers using various tools like videos, audios so as to provide a user-friendly base to its visitors.  The site was launched in 2003 and since then is termed as one of the leading websites that deals with blogs regarding off-page SEO techniques and methods. It also covers both SEO and searches marketing space.

Frequency: Around one post per month.

9. Search Engine Roundtable | The Pulse Of Search Marketing Community:

This website provides an all rounded view on a search engine and search engine marketing for the various segments of the web population. The goal of the blog is to provide various platforms to the visitors so that they can find everything related to SEO on a single website. Moreover, It is highly praised for its articles related to off-page SEO.

Frequency: Around thirty-four posts per week

10. SEMrush Blog:

The digital marketing blog of SEMrush is considered to be one of the most innovative and useful spaces that contain almost every article related to the content marketing and off page SEO. It aims at providing its customers with all possible knowledge related to the world of content marketing, SEO, SEM, and PPC so as to keep them updated with the new trends in the industry.

Frequency: Around three posts per month

11. The Daily Egg| SEO:

The SEO genre of the website features a blog whose articles contain daily trends and upcoming ideas and techniques related to both on page and off page SEO. It is a conversion rate optimization blog which is extremely user-friendly and social marketers can even post their queries which are self-answered by the editor of the blog, who is an extremely talented SEO professional.

Frequency:  Around one post every month

12. GrowthHackers | SEO

It is the ultimate platform for the SEO professionals to learn new techniques and ways to promote their website and the changing procedures of SEO marketing.  The SEO genre of this website features extremely satisfying articles which have cent percent proven results. It also features various hacks that can be adapted to improve the off page SEO ranking of the website.

Frequency: Around nine posts per week

13. ClickZ:

ClickZ contains all the latest and trending news related to social marketing. The blog of this website teaches the steps to off page SEO right from the beginning. It is an online publication and is considered as the largest resource of information, interactive marketing news, advice, research, opinion and reference of the world both online and offline.

Frequency: Around four posts per month

14. The Backlinko SEO Blog By Brian Dean

Brian Dean is the founder of the Backlinko which is a traffic generation business and has its specialization over link building, off page SEO, content conversion and content marketing. He, through his blogs, provides help to the business owners who have been beaten down by Google, to retain a good position in the rankings of the SERP.

Frequency: Around one posts per mont

15. Searchmetrics | SEO blog

In the SEO blog of Searchmetrics, the authors generally write about the upcoming ideas and trending techniques in world of both on page and off page SEO and content marketing. Moreover, it provides an insight to the content marketing business which helps the content marketers to improve the ranking of their page on SERP.

Frequency: Around three posts per month


The above mentioned blogs are completely user-friendly and they teach everything about Off Page SEO 2017 right from the basics. As we know, SEO is such an industry whose norms keep on changing with times. Hence, these blogs are the best forums to keep one updated with the latest and trending techniques being followed in the world of SEO.

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