14 Common Misconceptions About SEO in 2017


The website’s owners who deal with SEO should be well aware of the various advantages of SEO and how it works.  Gripping onto the SEO misconceptions tend to decrease their productivity and keeps their website on the sidelines.

Search Engine Optimization is extremely beneficial to the website owners. With its efficiency increasing with every passing day, by holding onto the misconceptions the website owners are losing out on the potential advantages of using SEO.

If you are among those people who think of SEO to be a time-consuming fruitless affair or you know some businessman who entertains these concepts, then here listed below are the 14 common SEO Myths 2017 which can cause a big hindrance in your success.

Misconception 1:

All That Matters is the Search Engine Bots


This misconception takes the hardest time to get over with. The website marketing professionals generally spend a lot of time in trying to convince the big search engines like Google that the content present on their website is extremely informative and valuable at many levels. Hence they mainly deal with crawlers, search engine algorithms and other various programmable bots. As a result of which the traffic of the website considerably increases.  Undoubtedly, search engine algorithms are meant to increase the web traffic.  However, search engine bots are not the alone mighty source.  By large, they do nothing to grab the public attention so as to increase the web traffic.  Search Engine bots will be of absolutely no help if your web content is not appealing. Even the web traffic generated by the search engines will be short-lived and useless.

Misconception 2:

SEO Costs a Fortune!

The most common misconception among the small-scale businessman is that SEO is extremely expensive and unaffordable.  This misconception can be overcome by either sticking your business within the boundaries of your home.  In this, you can either do the work on your own or hire someone to do it for you.  The other way to make SEO work effectively without much expenditure is by hiring an expert. Under an expert’s guidance, the probability of doing mistakes which can cost you not only your money but also your valuable time is much recommended. However, a guide doesn’t come free of cost. Therefore you will be needed to expand your marketing budget to adjust a guide in the scheme. Assuredly, it is beneficial in the long run.


Misconception 3:

New Techniques of SEO cannot be Coped up with

Generally, it is never too late to start with SEO.  It is an extremely user-friendly tool. Just like it is never too late to start advertising your product on newspapers and television advertisements, likewise, it is never too late, to begin with, SEO. The world of SEO is ever evolving. What it offered five years back has no relation to what it has to offer now. Hence with changing ideas and techniques, SEO is also changing and hence coping with it is no big deal. Right now SEO is in its best phase, thus it would be the best time to invest in it.

Misconception 4:

SEO is very difficult to understand

Definitely, SEO is not something that everyone understands. However, once you crack the logic behind it, it becomes a child’s play.  It is not rocket science; all it needs is a little patience and practice. Small Scale to Large-Scale Businessmen should be at least familiar with the working of SEO as it comes very much handy in the long run.  They should attend the host training sessions to develop a better understanding of the basics of SEO.

Misconception 5:

SEO No Longer Exists

This is the most absurd of the rest. Owing to the algorithm updates which rendered the old SEO practices like Keyword Stuffing Seo and link spamming invalid, it is extremely difficult to rank your site on Google’s search engines.

It is quite important to understand the techniques on how to avoid keyword stuffing so as to achieve a better SEO ranking in the search engine’s result pages. Keywords need to be definitely inserted in the content. However, their consistency needs to be kept in mind. Earlier the website owners used to stuff their website contents with numerous keywords so as to increase their rankings in the search results pages. However, in the last decade, this technique has undergone a number of changes, so much so that now keyword stuffing does nothing to increase your ranking in the search result pages. If at all it only causes hindrance to the ranking of the website.


Misconception 6:

SEO May or May Not Be Worthy

People who have no background in online marketing tend to not understand how important the ranking of their websites is on the search engine results page. Hence they think it to be fruitless to waste money and time on a barren issue i.e. SEO.

SEO not only increases the online traffic present on your website but also brings better revenue to your website. Google analytics stands proof to this concept. It shows how increased traffic on the website gets converted into better ranking and revenue of the website. It even enables the owner of the website to keep an eye on the people who purchased from the website.

Misconception 7:

Social Media is More Important

Certainly, social media is an excellent tool for online marketing. However, it works well only for the small websites. You wouldn’t find big labels advertising their products on social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.

That being said, Social Media isn’t more important than SEO. Generally, people who are searching for goods on the search engines are more inclined towards really buying the product than the people who are just mindlessly going through their social media news feed and the advertisement just pops up on the screen. Majority of them are not even looking out to buy the product. Of course, the influence that social media has on our life is ever increasing but the importance of SEO is there to stay for a long time.

Misconception 8:

Top SERP Rankings Can Never Be Achieved

Truthfully, yes the chances to achieve the top SERP ranking are very low. The probability tends to zero. The competition is ever increasing. Just like you a million other people out there are trying to get their website on the top hence there is too much competition.

However, with good SEO there is a big probability of getting your website a top SERP ranking in certain terms.  Once achieved, a top SERP ranking can prove to be a big boon to your website.

Misconception 9:

Images and Videos Have No SEO Value

Certainly, Google or any other search engine would not sit back evaluating the images present in the content and provide ranking accordingly. However, by using Search engine optimization techniques a number of ways can be inputted to make the search engines identify the images and videos as well. In fact, addition of images and videos that are improvised using SEO can prove to be really beneficial to the search engines in providing rankings to your website

Misconception 10:

Appearance of The Website Doesn’t Matter

The new online marketers have this viewpoint that the design of the website doesn’t matter. Design and appearance of the website are important for two main reasons: You want the traffic of your website to increase. Say it does. Then the people visiting your site for the first time will not be enthralled by the dull theme and design of your website and they will leave no faster than they did come. Moreover, a well-organized website that leads the visitors systematically from one page to the other has a better ranking.

Misconception 11:


Sitemap Needs To Be Essentially Added

Addition of XML sitemap to the website will help in carrying out bot crawling effectively and thereby ensure that all the pages or the entire content of the website are explored equally by the search engines. It is optional and need not be essentially added to the website. Moreover, if your website is pretty basic then wasting time in creating XML sitemaps would be really fruitless.


Misconception 12:

Numerous Keywords Need to be Added

Quite obviously, a website which has contents without any keywords tend to have a lower ranking than the website having contents which contain topic-related keywords. Keywords should be added to the content naturally and in an organic manner. SEO helps to naturally add topic-related keywords to the content that will help the search engine bots to naturally identify your website in the search engine results page. Hence numerous keywords need not be essentially added.

Misconception 13:

Search Engines Might Punish Your Website

This is the most illogical misconception that the small website owners generally have. They think that the search engine is trying to punish their websites by lowering their rankings in SERPs.  Google isn’t some villain or a sadist who gets pleasure by pushing down the ranking of your websites. It simply picks the best and subsequently the ranking of your page goes lower. These websites have been designed in such a way that they simply provide the best possible results to the customers to have them completely satisfied with the search engine. The only conclusion which you can draw from a lower ranking of your website is that you need to work harder on it to get it to people’s ultimate requirement.

Misconception 14:

Increased Word Count Increases The SERP Ratings.

Word count does play an important role in SERP ratings but the entire rating thing is not simply based on the word and characters count.  Where on one hand increased word count does increase SERP ratings, upon crossing the limit the search engines tend to abbreviate the title that makes it all the more annoying.  The SEO professionals are currently working in this condition.


Search Engine Optimization surely takes a lot of time, not only to understand but also to function effectively. The more time and money you invest in it, the better will be the results bestowed upon you.  Being said so, don’t let the common misconceptions carry you away. SEO is a very important tool in online marketing these days and simply not using it owing to a few misconceptions would prove to be very costly to you.  You necessarily don’t have to know everything about SEO, it is not difficult to learn either. Start with it and give it time and you will experience your website doing wonders in the SERP rankings.

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